InvoTech Labs is an Android developer that currently has 2 apps on Google Play

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About Us

InvoTech was founded back in 2018 and we have been growing ever since. Today, more than 50 companies in India and around the world are using our high quality software products, and applications for their business success.


InvoTech Labs is an Android developer that currently has 2 apps on Google Play, is active since 2018

Tuition Class Management System(TCMS)

Tuition Class Management System Application is a tuition class fees/earnings management & attendance tracking application. It enables a private tutor or any coaching class to maintain a list of students enrolled, track their fees payment and attendance. The app allows Fees Receipts to be sent via SMS. This app stores all data locally on the mobile device and does not need any internet connectivity to function. A very easy to use Backup and Restore function allows data to be saved from the app and transferred to another device thus ensuring continuity without any loss of data when you change devices. The app supports more than 25 actions at this time and we have plans to constantly enhance it.

Automatic Bell Controller

Based on the latest micro-controller technology. Automatic Bell Controller System is an elegant device, especially designed to ring the School / College / Industries Bell automatically. There is no need to assign an individual for ringing the bell, at different times during the day. A user can program various timing of the periods. short breaks, etc. With the provision of 100 bells/day, a user can set the length of each bell separately to identify different bells at different times, for example separate bell for assembly, separate bell for recess, separate for periods etc. It has a android mobile compatible application which helps the user to set various timer easily. In case of power failure all settings are saved in memory.

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